Pompeo warns China as it seeks regional Dominance

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo opened a forum with a fiery speech on China and its push to seek dominance in the Asian Continent

Pompeo said at the Forum: ‘President Trump’s team will “oppose” China’s effort to dominate the Indo-Pacific through a model of “partnership economics” offered as an alternative to the Communist power’s predatory lending to its neighbors.’

He went on to say “The great theme of our engagement is this: Where America goes, we seek partnership, not domination, The United States of America does not invest for political influence, but rather practices partnership economics.”

The forum was also attended by Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, Energy Secretary Rick Perry, American business leaders and international diplomats. The administration hopes the event will demonstrate the U.S. commitment to the region while showcasing their plan for economic engagement following the withdrawal from a major trade deal and a resurgence of tariffs.

Chinese efforts to purchase political power through strategic international investments was the clear spur for the administration.

Pompeo finished up by saying: “Like so many of our Asian allies and friends, the United States fought for its own independence from an empire that expected deference.”

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  1. How many in America didn’t even know about the trade deficits. Anti-Trump media & politicians are loathe to admit that they failed to inform the American people….. let alone do something about it. President Trump is leveling the playing field.

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