Pompeo Tries To Calm Tension Between India and Pakistan

The White House urged Pakistan and India to “avoid escalation at any cost” due to the two nuclear-equipped nations roll through military conflict that could lead to destabilize the entire region.

Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, has spoken to officials of both nations and told them to pull back from any military action that could get out of hand quickly.

“I expressed to both ministers that we encourage India and Pakistan to exercise restraint, and avoid escalation at any cost…I also encouraged both ministers to prioritize direct communication and avoid further military activity,” Pompeo stated hours after attacks began in both India and Pakistan.

Pakistan was the first to take down two Indian planes and captured one Indian pilot, Indian then made a counter attack move since the 1970’s launching airstrikes at Pakistan.

Pakistani Prime Minister, Imran Khan, called for direct talks with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Imran Khan, said, “Let’s sit together to talk to find a solution.”

President Trump gave an Update at his Press Conference on this matter with secretary of State Mike Pompeo


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