Pompeo defends Intelligence behind Soleimani Strike at Briefing

Pompeo defends Intelligence behind Soleimani Strike at White House Press Briefing with Steve Mnuchin on New Massive Sanctions on Iran

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  1. After the previous four Presidents beginning with vice President George H.W. Bush who stepped down as director of the C.I.A. to become Ronald Regan’s running mate and then vice President when a few months into Regan’s first term he was shot by John Hinckley junior the son of Bush’s Texas business partner. Through the next four Presidencies Bush 41, Clinton 42, Bush 43, and Obama 44, the deep state led by the C.I.A. has had a strangle hold on the Presidency which was supposed to end when the people spoke on November 8th 2016. The goal of the deep state was to dismantle the United States of America by destroying the Constitution Bill of Rights, economy, and nationalism. Their goal has been to create a globalist government headquartered in Europe with the United Nations leading a world wide communist government fashioned after China that was aided in taking power on October 3 1949. Over the 70 years since the Chinese communists party seized control well over 100 million citizens have been slaughtered by their government. This was to be the future in America with a chairman Hillary Clinton regime and every effort was made to steal the 2016 election with an estimated 13 million illegal votes. That election was to sound the death knell for the U.S.A. During the 2016 election year United Nations troops were spread out across America waiting for the Hillary victory before declaring war on we the people. Enough patriots responded that every effort made by the Democrats to destroy the nation. In 2018 Michael Bloomberg spent 100 million dollars to purchase the midterms by all possible means. In Alabama the election between Doug Jones and Judge Roy Moore became vicious as the left got vicious making false claims against a great public servant. This single election held to replace Jeff Sessions who asked for the attorney general position to hide the crimes committed under 36 years of the United Party where Democrats and Republicans were on the same track for personal gain. The story over those years in which the C.I.A. seized the white house and ruled over every American as it we the people were both dumb and blind. From 1980 when John Hinckley Junior shot President Regan led by vice President Bush the power of the Presidency was usurped taken by force and held captive by those seeking their version of Utopia. When and if the American Patriot understands what is at stake and responds accordingly the country can be reclaimed. How many sit back while the bull Schiff of the left continues their attack on the nation. Your life, your freedom, and America’s future is at stake. Rise up to stop this insanity before all is lost. This is not a fight between political stripes with different views on how to continue the national interests. This is a war between good and evil, life and death, nationalism and Globalism.

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