Planned Parenthood being defunded by Trump White House

The Trump Administration hinted on Friday that they want to revive the Reagan Era Title X changes to defund clinics like Planned Parenthood from receiving Government Money…

Health and Human Services sent the Proposed rule to the White House to kickstart the regulatory process.

The biggest casualty is Planned Parenthood since the American taxpayer takes up most of the bill from the abortion side of that business,

Lawmakers on the hill say that the proposed ruling to change title X a $260 Million dollar federal program for contraception and other services-revives a Reagan-era interpretation of the 1970 law that bars clinics from referring patients to abortion services.

Democrats are in an uproar saying that ending Title X would result in millions of women from having fewer choices in uncovered, Pro-life groups such as the Susan B. Anthony List said there is no “gag rule” — the rule would still allow clinics to counsel women on abortion, just not require them to offer the counseling or refer them to the procedure.

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  1. Life is precious. Life begins at conception. Pray that this change proposed by President Trump is enacted.

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