Philadelphia goes into PURGE style Lawlessness

It looks like lawlessness is about to hit Philadelphia as Philly police orders its officers to stand down from the following offenses According to Fox29’s Steve Keeley

Journalist Steve Keeley also added

Here is the Official Phildaelphia news release

Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police President released this statement to the Press

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  1. The off shoot affects of embracing communism, and now look at you scared of the beast you were bought and sold for.

  2. To protect and to serve… as long as we don’t have to get anywhere near the criminals.

  3. Meh, the police in Philly, especially in the First District arrest who they want based on their own agenda.
    Come to the 19145 zip code area to see lawlessness in action. 30 years of it, since the Philly Board declared this area a Section 8 housing mecca.

  4. This is happening across the whole U.S. Anarchy is becoming the new norm. No law enforcement enforcing any laws. Criminals being released from jail. A society is no longer a society but a mindless mob when this becomes the norm. This is why the second amendment is so important. Protect yourself and your family.

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