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Pfizer Seeks Emergency Approval for its COVID Pill…

On Tuesday Pfizer has applied to get Emergency Approval from the FDA to be able to manufacture and sell the Coronavirus Treatment Pill.

• Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said during a conference – “We will submit as quickly as today,” He went on to say “I hope today we are submitting to the FDA.”

• The Pfizer Coronavirus pill will be given in conjunction with an HIV drug that Pfizer says could cut the risk of Hospitalization from the virus by 89% in high-risk adults.

• Pfizer CEO said that the company planned to submit all the DARA to the FDA before Thanksgiving.

• Also on Tuesday Pfizer announced that it has struck a deal with the UN to allow other companies approved by them to manufacture and sell their COVID pill.


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  1. Mike Lindell’s timely interview of President Donald J. Trump was / is a turning point in history. Truth does rise up from the muddy pool of (media) lies, controlled opposition, & silence……

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