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Pentagon FAILS to Approve any Religious Exemptions Despite Getting Over 12K Requests!

The Pentagon has not a single religious exemption to the Vaccine mandates initiated by Biden.

• US service members have made 12K requests to be exempt due to religious reasons

• The Pentagon has not reviewed or granted a single one.

• Due to orders by Biden, all service members must be vaccinated.

• Deadlines for the vaccine have passed, many service members are in danger of getting booted unless their exemption is approved.

• According to DATA released to reporters – 1,746 soldiers, 2,751 sailors, 4,756 airmen, and 3,144 Marines have explicitly asked for religious exemptions. Noe has received an answer.

• The ARMY has relieved six active-duty leaders (including two battalion commanders) and issued 2767 written warnings.

• The Marine Corp discharged 103 Marines.

• The Airforce discharged 27 out of 5,000 Airmen and Guardians who are refusing to get the vaccine

• Around 40,000 active duty service members violate Biden’s order to get vaccinated, which equates to around 3% of the total active-duty force of 1.3 million soldiers.

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  1. You can’t fool all the people all the time. AND, you can’t vaccinate all the people all the time !

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