Pentagon Approves New Policies for Troops interactions with Immigrants

Acting Defense Secretary, Patrick Shanahan is expected to approve a new policy that would ease restrictions on troops interacting with immigrants along the border.

PATRICK SHANAHAN: Shanahan will reportedly sign off on a request from DHS to allow military lawyers, cooks, and drivers to help out with handling illegal immigrants entering the U.S.

The Senior Defense Department think Shanahan should approve the request but it would amount to authorizing waivers for 300 troops.

MILITARY TROOPS: As of 2006, military personnel is prohibited from coming into contact with illegal immigrants.

PENTAGON: The Pentagon approved DHS’ request to house 5,000 unaccompanied migrant children but not oversee the housing.

MILITARY TROOPS: There are about 3,000 active-duty service members at the Southern Border after Trump first deployed troops last year to assist in immigrant caravan traveling.

2,000 National Guard troops have been deployed there since April 2018 to assist in border security.

PENTAGON: The Pentagon approved one request since October, to waive the restrictions on interactions, allowing troops to provide emergency medical care to migrants.

CONCLUSION: The Pentagon is set to approve a new policy to ease restrictions on troops and immigrant interaction so that more work could be done at the Southern Border. As of now military troops are allowed to give immigrants medical care, shelter for immigrant children and now any military personnel can handle immigrants whether they are just cooks or drivers to do.

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  1. Patrick Shanahan may surprise us. We need loopholes to the loopholes….. until Congress does its job and passes complete immigration reform.

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