Pelosi Warns GOP that Next democrat President Could declare Gun Emergency

Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday issued a warning to Republicans poised to support President Trump’s decision to declare a national emergency at the southern border.

The next Democratic president, she said, could do the same on guns. “A Democratic president can declare emergencies, as well,” Pelosi told reporters in the Capitol.

“So the precedent that the president is setting here is something that should be met with great unease and dismay by the Republicans.” Pelosi noted that Thursday marked the one-year anniversary of the shooting at a high school in Parkland, Fla., that left 17 students and faculty dead.

She argued that the real national emergency is not illegal border crossings, but gun violence in the U.S. “Let’s talk about today: The one-year anniversary of another manifestation of the epidemic of gun violence in America,” Pelosi said. “That’s a national emergency. Why don’t you declare that emergency, Mr. President? I wish you would. “But a Democratic president can do that.”

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