Pelosi Triggered By Reporter Goes On An Unhinged Rant

Nancy Pelosi had a Press Conference on the Impeachment inquiry, where she said that The Democrats would Impeach the President and asks the House Judiciary Committee to draft the Articles of Impeachment after the Press Conference concluded a reporter is seen asking a simple question…

Do you hate the President?

Nancy Pelosi went Mental!

The President took to Twitter to point out that Nancy Pelosi is Nervous and that the DO NOTHING Democrats are not focusing on legislating they are only focused on taking him down.

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  1. I think Nancy realizes that she is going down a dead end on impeachment as there is no evidence substantiating the chargees. And now knows it is just a matter of time until the truth of the partys corruption will be brought out in the Senate. Once the articles of impeachment are sent and the trial begins. This may destroy the Democrat party as we know it.

  2. So she can can be critical of the president but she does not accept legitimate criticism of her. Typical of the Dems. They learn from their leader. Congress is a cesspool, Thank you Pelosi.

  3. Trump needs to start charging ALL the DEMOTARDS with Treason,Sedition,perjury,lying under oath to congress,selling military grade uranium to Russia.(Hillary Clinton specifically uranium-one)
    Etc.After this is done,the C.I.A.needs to be investigated for buying billions of dollars of drugs from the Mexican drug cartels since the vietnam days,when they are found guilty,Trump needs to have the C.I.A.arrested by our Marine Corp.reserves and formally charged for aiding the drug cartels in Mexico.

  4. As a Catholic I resent Pelosi. Don’t act like just because you are a Baptized Catholic you’re sinless. You are pro abortion and an apostate. Watch friends, if false pope Bergoglio says he supports this agenda in any way you’ve got a serious, mortally dangerous crisis in the Church and the world.

  5. One thing for sure, President Trump is exposing the Democrats corruption and their evil ways.That is wahy they hate him so much. He has exposed the swamp, where politicians rake in millions at the expense of the American public, and he is not one back down. They are not used to this kind of President who also has the massive support of the people, including minorities. They cannot handle him like they did other Presidents, Republicans and Democrats. Give them hell President Trump

  6. NANCY IS KIND OF FUNNY, how could she claimed to be a Catholic when she’s vilipending everybody and, bragging on her hability to wordings. Being Catholic these days is a bad reference to use, with the roles of the Church on scandalous abuses on the youths, embaselments of the finances of Vatican and, abuses of the pope on political regimes that look for solutions to the archaics of religious delirium.
    YOU HAVE TO BE LESS EMOTIVE NANCY and face the truth wherever it comes from. You’re not at CONFESSION of course and, you don’t need to do it public as we see threw. Take a hike Nancy and stop playing the Virgin, you’re in and everybody know it. Gerry

    1. She’s a meth head! Watch how do you watch how she chews on her teeth and her lips while she talks? She uses some kind of amphetamine, a lot! she wouldn’t be chewing on her mouth like that if she was sober and straight. Could be the liquor mixed with the pills, not sure. But she is definitely on something mind-altering.

  7. Nancy Pelosi is full of hate for President Trump and his winning ways. She cannot respect someone who comes into political office in just over 3 years ago and who has acheived more than she has in her 40+ years of public office.
    Yes she HATES him. Hipocryte catholic wananabe. Enjoy hell.

  8. A “Catholic “? Ha ha ha! You can’t believe and support in the ripping out of a baby from its mother’s womb and be a Catholic! And you must believe in and follow the dogma and precepts of Holy Mother the Church! Not to mention following God’s commandments! You can’t call upon the power of the Catholic faith to defend your honor and allegiance
    if you have none!

  9. Got caught stealing did we Moronicrats??? Hahahahahahahah it’s so nice to see this, it really is. Exposing corruption, and calling the media out for aiding them, Mr President should not stop there. Get it strait people he doesn’t need our money and believe me he doesn’t need the White House to get richer and more successful than he already is. God Bless America and God Bless President Trump.

  10. Pelosi went mental/berserk. Good thing she didn’t go postal.

    She was having a hard time holding on to her dentures.

    She prays for President Trump. Wonder what she prays for though. She needs to pray for the homeless in her district. She is such a hypocrite.

  11. Your church affiliation has nothing to do with it, Nancy. If you have no relationship with Jesus the Messiah, you are not capable of loving anyone nor understanding love. 1 John 4 is a great biblical reference on this subject, Nancy. If the Pope allows you to do so these days, you should probably actually pick up the Bible and read that chapter (or Google it if you don’t own a Bible).

    Also, if you can honestly say that you are treating President Trump the way you yourself want to be treated, then you can say that you don’t hate him. However, actions speak louder than words.

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