Pelosi doesn’t know what to do as Democrat Party begins to Crumble

Democrats have been in the majority house for two months now and it has been obvious that not even Pelosi can gather everyone to be on the same page for mostly everything.

The liberal members are not satisfied with their moderate members which causes them to butt heads on issues like climate change, ‘Medicare for All,’ Ilhan Omar controversy, and The President.

Nancy Pelosi has already spoken upon the conflict within the House Democrats, but she just wants every liberal, moderate, or centrist to vote against Republicans every single chance they have.

Although, members have different views and thoughts on every thing religious, ideology, regional, and mostly generational when it comes to Freshman lawmakers.

Pelosi has praised the Green New Deal but not enough for her to want to vote on it.

Pelosi has also steered towards Affordable Care Act instead of the previous ‘Medicare for All’ which she never discussed with her party.

The controversy with Omar has made many Democrats shameful but others have given Omar sympathy for her past, making it okay for her to say what she has said.

Many believe she is a racist for tweeting what she said and even The President has asked her to resign but nothing has happened with Omar in office.

Senior House Dems who are Jewish lashed out at Omar for her tweets and publicly pressed Pelosi and House Dems to condemn Anti-Semitism.

Among their differences, impeaching The President is the only thing the Dems can agree on.

Rashida Tlaib announced she will introduce legislation to kick the President out of the White House this month.

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