Pelosi and Schumer Say President Trump Agreed to $2 trillion Infrastructure plan

Democratic leaders Pelosi and Schumer spoke to the press, to say President Trump agreed on $2 trillion for infrastructure but they’ll be meeting again in three weeks.

DEMOCRAT LEADERS: Pelosi and Schumer left the infrastructure meeting with the President at noon and went straight to the press to discuss what has happened.

The two leaders looked like the meeting went very well and they actually agreed on a number that The President was not so happy about at first.

They said they had not agreed on how to pay for a $2 trillion bill to improve the nation’s roads, bridges, waterways and broadband, but that they had agreed to meet in another three weeks.

Pelosi and Schumer stated the meeting was “constructive and good.”

CONCLUSION: The Democratic leaders, Pelosi and Schumer spoke to press without the President to discuss the infrastructure meeting they just had. The three agreed on $2 trillion for infrastructure but still need to make a money plan in order for everything to go well and no debt is casted on America.

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