Patriots Form Human Wall at Southern Border

Dozens of patriots gathered at the southern border in New Mexico linking hands and waving American flags to show border security support.

The line formed at Sunland Park, N.M., where there is a gap in border fencing just across the boundary line from Ciudad Juarez in Mexico.

Sunland Park also shares a border with El Paso, Texas, where Trump will hold his first campaign rally of the 2020 election cycle Monday.

Congress is still in negotiations over funding for border security after a 35-day partial government shutdown came to and end last month without money for Trump’s proposed border wall.

The President may declare a national emergency in order to secure funding for a border wall if negotiations with Democratic leaders fall apart.

Trump is expected to use the visit to the southern border to further amplify his call for a border wall.

The President tweeted this about heading to the Texas border.

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