Parler is back Online but there is a catch… is the boogeyman of websites right now. According to Left-wing media and Liberal Politicians, the site has been offline since they got deplatformed last week. First, Google took it down from their store, and apple followed 24 hours later. The website completely whipped from the internet when Amazon decided to ban them from using their server service called Amazon AWS. Now it looks like the site is LIVE again but only as a landing page. The website shows a message from their CEO John Matze saying the following:

The website again only works as a landing page with the follow message

No one knows when the website will return, if ever at its full capacity. Parler on Twitter has not given any updates, and its CEO says that other payment processors are banning them from their services but will update soon what will be the fate of Parler.
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  1. Don’t come back if big tech companies say you have to censure!!! That is paramount!!! Be the same platform as you always have been! God bless!!!

    1. Agreed! Screw the Wanna-be-Dictators! It was awesome they way you were, don’t change for them! Who the hell do they think they are⁉️
      Treating the people like we are subservient to them⁉️ I think NOT👎

  2. This is a billion dollar problem which can be solved with about $4.00 worth of solutions.

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