Owner of Anti Trump Truck ends up being a Criminal

Karen Fonseca, the Texas woman who became a celebrity by plastering her truck with “F– TRUMP” stickers, is now in trouble for driving that vehicle.

But not because the cops are in cahoots with President Trump. According to the Chronicle, Miguel Fonseca husband of Karen Fonseca was pulled over at 5:41 p.m. Sunday on U.S. Highway 59 in Sugar Land, Texas, because the vehicle was also not in compliance with Texas vehicular laws — it didn’t have the required front license plate.

Once the Texas Police ran his Licence it turned out that he had 2 outstanding warrants one for speeding and another for not showing up to court.

To add to those 2 counts the arresting officer added resisting arrest after Fonseca failed to comply to direct orders from the officer.

Karen Fonseca took to GoFundMe to dispute the charge and play the race card.

She said her husband was initially pulled over because the windows were tinted too dark.

“He was followed by 3 white police officers that were in our neighborhood due to an unrelated dispute,” she wrote on the page titled “Free Mike Fonseca,” which had a $1,000 goal.

As of Monday afternoon, it had been up 18 hours and raised $33.

They Posted this video with the Racist title

Fucking Sugar Land police department … White mother fuckers picking on people against Trump tired

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