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Over 6K NYPD Cops Reportedly Sick with COVID Symptoms!…

A new shocking report states that over 6K NYPD officers, or about 17% of the NYPD’s uniformed force, are reportedly sick.

• 3,000 officers have flu-like symptoms, and more than 1300 have already been diagnosed with COVID.

• The amount of sick officers has doubled in the last week.

• NYPD internal memos state, all officers who have asked off for the New Year holiday have been reversed and are ordered to report to work.

• The hardest hit police unit within the NYPD is patrol.

• The NYPD is also damaging national security by transferring counterterrorism officers to patrol in different precincts that sick cops are ravaging.

• 1800 cops have tested positive in 2021 alone.

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  1. It’s just the flu. Take Quercetin, Vitamin D3, Vitamin C (Orange Juice) stay hydrated and rest. You’ll be over it soon.

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