Option to split CA in three will be on November ballot

Voters in California will now have an opportunity to decide whether the Golden State should be split three ways.

The “Cal 3” initiative sponsored by Silicon Valley billionaire Tim Draper qualified Tuesday for the November ballot, securing the necessary 365,880 valid signatures based on the state’s final random sample, according to Secretary of State Alex Padilla.

The ambitious longshot effort comes a few years after Mr. Draper failed to qualify his much-discussed “six Californians” initiative for the 2016 state ballot despite spending more than $5 million. “This fall on Election Day, voters will get the chance to say that the status quo of ineffective, inefficient, and insular state government is taking Californians in the wrong direction,” said a post on the Cal 3 website.

Under the proposed initiative, the state would be split into three jurisdictions: Southern California, Northern California, and just plain California, which would run along the coastline from Los Angeles to Monterey.

if the initiative is successful it will need congressional Approval.

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  1. Which major cities will be in which new states??
    Will Silicon Valley and all liberal cities be in one state?
    Or… are all three states infested with a portion of the liberal valley/cities? (Eg. SanFrancisco included in NorCal???)

    1. It will break by county
      from Orange country south is one
      LA county and Ventura County is Two
      All of Northern CA is three

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