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One America calls on their Viewers to Pressure Spectrum and DISH to Carry OAN!…

After DirecTV decided to drop OAN from their line-up the founder of One America called on his viewers to pressure spectrum and dish to carry his channel on their services.

• Delusional OAN is scrambling to find a new way to get back on national television but what they have failed to acknowledge is that they have been blacklisted.

• In a new video the CEO of OAN pleaded with his viewers to help them get back on TV…

• He said in the video that he found out that AT&T’s DirecTV had dropped them from their lineup on the news!

• DirecTV said OAN was dropped for their continued coverage on COVID 19 misinformation and Election fraud stories.

• The satellite-TV provider said it notified OAN’s owner, Herring Networks Inc., that it plans to stop carrying the company’s channel when their contract expires in early April.

• Herring urged his viewers for help.

• AT&T consisted of 90% of OAN’s funding and 95% of their US viewership.

• OAN also told his viewers to tell cable providers like the spectrum and DISH that they only charge $.10 per household in an effort to look cheap to cable services.

• OAN is now only on Verizon Fios but the pressure is mounting for them to drop OAN also, FiOS only constitutes about 5% of viewership.

• In the wake of the ban Republican lawmakers announced that they would terminate their subscriptions with AT&T as a form of protest for banning OAN.

• Trump went even further by telling his supporters to boycott AT&T and DirecTV.

• OAN host Dan Ball on Monday showed a photo on-air of AT&T’s chairman, William E. Kennard, he told viewers to call AT&T’s customer support line to “demand they keep OAN” and asked viewers for “any dirt” on Kennard.


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  1. One America News [ OAN ] is so good ! Viewers will drop their AT & T / Direct cable subscriptions [ like “hot potatoes” ] and move to “greener pastures” = Spectrum & Dish. Let the 81,000,000 continue to vote !

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