Nunes RIPS Dems for Provoking a fake Russia Crisis

Nunes went off on Democrats stating the House Intelligence Committee already exonerated Trump a year ago but the Dems kept pushing it to go on.

DEVIN NUNES: Nunes tweeted on Sunday stating the Dems have been falsely accusing the President and making the public believe he is guilty.

Nunes was the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee last year and found no collusion but Dems deemed it as prematurely concluded.

ADAM SCHIFF: Schiff became the chairman leader and revamped the Mueller report, which would go on for another year.

When Mueller ended up finding nothing, Schiff exploded and tweeted this.

CONCLUSION: Nunes basically calls out all Dems and claimed the HIC found no collusion a year ago but Dems made it keep going after Schiff became HIC chairman. Every one is currently waiting for Mueller’s public report.

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