Nunes RESPONDS to Schiff Releasing His Private Phone Records

Rep. Devin Nunes Responds to Adam Schiff and his band of leftist Pundits after his Private Phone records were released to the Left-Wing Media.

Watch what he had to say:

Event Senator Rand Paul went after Schiff saying:

“The act was brazen and shameful,” Paul said in a Fox News column, describing the release of the records as “absolutely outrageous.”

“While it may not have been illegal (because Congress writes its own rules on investigations) it certainly was wrong. It certainly tramples on rights normally held dear by the left,” the Kentucky Republican added.

He went on to say:

This might not have been Illegal but it was defeintaly a new low for the House of Representatives and now many are calling for Adam Schiff’s phone records to be Subpoenaed once this Impeachment Sham reaches the Senate.

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  1. So When is it treason and Sedition? This punk Adam Schiff needs his clock cleaned but good. So does aunt Nancy and the twit Jerry Nadler. They have gone way out of bounds and I want to see them pay for what they have done.

  2. Yes if it’s ok a for Adam schift to release a coworker’s phone records than we want to see Schifts phone records and we need to make up what he said

  3. This is pure spying at its best.Schiff seems to think hes President and can do anything he pleases he has no regard for a persons right to privacy he has broken every rule and regulation of fairnrss. They supposedly wanted to protect the unknown non exsistence of the whistle blower but throw true Americans under the bus. When is this weasel going to jail he has released fake news hes lied hes abused his power and now thier throwing the Presidents minor son into the mix.America wants this man to get a taste of his own medicine hes an enemy of the people and has committed Treason against our President all that matters to him and his party is power and greed.He better get going before his connection to Burisma get released and his real involvment with a sick serial killer are allso exsposed.He does everything he accuses Trump of doing hes pond scum nothing more.

  4. If he hadn’t been involved in illegal activities there would be no reason to look at his phone calls thing of it is he is involved in criminal activity and yes he needs to get investigated we’re paying him to break laws come on now

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