Nunes labels CNN as Democrat Party Propaganda

Devin Nunes, clashed with CNN as they pressed the House Intelligence Committee chairman to answer for a memo his panel released earlier this year on alleged surveillance abuse.

“He attacked CNN,” said Fake news senior congressional correspondent Manu Raju after tailing Nunes on Capitol Hill and failing to get the response he was seeking about whether he still stood by the memo.

“Do you really think I’m going to talk to the leading Democratic Party propaganda?” was Nunes’ response


Raju was asking the congressman to comment on the Justice Department’s weekend release of more than 400 pages of highly redacted, top-secret documents related to the 2016 application for the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant taken out on one-time Trump campaign aide Carter Page, in addition to three renewal applications.

Following the release of the FISA applications, the Fake News have offered divergent takes about whether they add credence or detracts from the HSCPI majority’s memo, released in February, which was based on the intelligence.

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