NSA Poised To Shut Down Phone Surveillance Program

The National Security Agency has been pausing the system that analyzes texts and call logs of American citizens.

The Trump Administration has not used the NSA data base and seem to not want to restart it after it expires soon.

The NSA has not been using the data base either and had to get rid of most of their data when they found out they had more data than legally allowed to have.

President George W. Bush used executive authority to start wide-reaching phone surveillance weeks after 9/11 attacks which was passed in court and retrieved hundreds of millions of telephone records from Americans.

In 2013, Edward Snowden exposed the NSA’s collection of phone data which continued to be a huge issue in American society for trespassing into personal calls and conversations without permission.

The NSA and National Security Council have not spoken out about the possible shut down of the program.

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