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November Job Numbers Disappoints as Biden Fails to send America Back to Work!…

The US economy is in bad shape from the supply chain bottlenecks to the high prices of oils, but for a President like Biden to not get Americans back to work, it’s a recipe for disaster.

• Nonfarm payroll came in at a measly 210,000 in November, one of the worst numbers, followed by September of 2021.

• The unemployment rate is now at 4.2%, a drop of 0.4% after the disappointing numbers added more Americans to the job force.

• professional and business service saw the most significant gains as Hospitality and leisure saw almost no gains. Retail lost jobs in November.

• The Dow Jones had estimated 573,000 jobs would be created in November, but Biden, a failure, wasn’t able to reach the number.

• Leisure and Hospitality, which includes bars, restaurants, hotels, and similar businesses, saw a gain of just 23,000

• Sectors showing the most significant gains in November included professional and business services (90,000), transportation and warehousing (50,000), and construction (31,000).

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