North Korea is coming to the White House

President Donald Trump unloaded a bombshell aboard Air Force One when he said that the meeting with Kim Jong Un might be a series of meetings…

President Donald Trump Spoke with Reuters saying “I’d like to see it done in one meeting. But oftentimes that’s not the way deals work,”

“There’s a very good chance that it won’t be done in one meeting or two meetings or three meetings. But it’ll get done at some point. It may get done really nicely and really intelligently, or it may not get done intelligently. It may have to be the hard way,” he went on to say “But I think it’ll get done in a very smart, organized fashion and I think that Kim Jong Un wants to see it also. And I’m going to be very happy when the day arrives when we can take sanctions off, and have a very good relationship with the entire Korean Peninsula,” Trump said. per Reuters

Later in the day Secretary of State Pompeo said in an interview that meetings are ongoing but the June 12 meeting looks very possible as the North Korean Official travels to DC to give President Donald Trump a letter penned by Kim Jong-un.

WATCH Pompeo Full Press Conference:

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