North Korea has Issued its First Warning in 5 Years, Says New Missile Could Reach U.S Bases in Guam!

North Korea has issued its first warning in over four years. On Monday, they said that they tested a mid-range ballistic missile capable of reaching the U.S. territory of Guam.

• North Korea has also warned that their mid-range ballistic missile could reach the U.S. Base in Okinawa, Japan.

• According to North Korean state-run media, the missile soared to an altitude of 1,000 miles and came down on North Korea’s own coast.

• The Missile tested was a Hwasong-12; it is capable of traveling over 1,800 miles.

• According to North Korean media, the test was to see the overall accuracy of the Hwasong-12 

• This is seen as North Korea’s most significant weapon in recent years

• The Mid-range missile launch was tested on Sunday, according to State-run media

• Sunday’s launch could be the beginning of more radical provocations by the North. Nuclear and long-range missiles test could be next, a serious threat to the U.S. mainland.

• Many national security experts have stated that the North is trying to pressure Biden into sanction relief.

• North Korea also wants the world to recognize the hermit kingdom as a legitimate nuclear state.


• According to South Korean and Japanese sources, the missile flew about 497 miles and reached a maximum altitude of 1,242 miles before landing between the Korean Peninsula and Japan.

• The Biden Administration has condemned the launch and vows to respond to the latest missile test in coming days with an unspecified move meant to demonstrate to the North that the U.S. is committed to its allies’ security in the region, 

• South Korean and Japanese officials have condemned the launch, which they say have violated U.N’s Security Council resolutions

  • The Resolution bans North Korea from testing ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons.

• China said that North Korea would stop any more tests as the Winter Olympics begin, China is North Korea’s most important ally.

• China also said North Korea could test more powerful weapons once the winter Olympics conclude. 

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