Newsom Chooses Criminals Over Victims in Shocking Reversal of Death Penalty

California Governor, Gavin Newsom, announced he will issue an executive order setting a moratorium on the state’s death penalty.

GAVIN NEWSOM: The Californian Governor said he must sign this order to make California a leadership state.

MORATORIUM DEFINITION: A temporary prohibition of an activity.

CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS: Californians rejected a repeal of the death penalty in 2016 to a 53% to 46% vote.

CRIMINAL SPARED EXECUTION: Jaime Osuna, is a convicted murderer but was spared the death penalty for the gruesome torture and murder of Yvette Pena, a mother of six and he mocked her family in court in 2011.

Osuna was also suspected of murdering his cellmate who was found dead over the weekend.

THE PRESIDENT: The President went on twitter to defend his Californian resident claiming Newsom was defying the people of California for issuing a moratorium to criminals of all forms. Even though, the majority of people in California made it clear they do not agree on reducing or eliminating the death penalty in California back in 2016.

IN CONCLUSION: California Governor, Gavin Newsom is trying to set a moratorium in the Californian death penalty for his own beliefs and politics, many inmates convicted and set for execution would not be facing that anymore if this executive order passes, and the President could not help but voice the fear behind that for him and Californian residents.

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