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Newsmax to Force All Employees to get the Vaccine or Face Weekly Testing…

Nexmax has sent a memo acquired by Mediate which states that all employees must be vaccinated by January 4th deadline.

• Newsmax has decided to implement a Vaccine mandate on all of their employees

• Weekly testing will be required for all personnel that refuses to get the vaccine

• The network says that they are just complying with Biden’s news Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) rules.

• The Biden Administration published the new rule on Thursday, setting the deadline for January 4th for all businesses with 100 employees or more (in total, not per establishment)

• The Newsmax email says – “To ensure that we are in compliance, we require that all vaccinated employees submit a copy of their vaccination card.”

• Newsmax recently banned their reporter from appearing on the air after she said unfavorable things about the vaccine on Twitter, as reported by Golden State Times

Newsmax Yanks Reporter Off the Air For Tweeting About Coronavirus Vaccine!…

• Republican AG’s have already sued the Biden Administration for this overreach, calling it unconstitutional.

• As of right now, it is unknown how the hosts and employees of Newsmax will react since many see vaccine mandate as the wrong thing to implement.

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