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New York City Plans to Reopen Completely on July 1st!…

More than 6.3 Million or 13% of New Yorkers have been fully vaccinated in the city, and Mayor Bill Deblasio says that now is the time to reopen so life can go back to normal.


In an interview on MSNBC Mayor Bill DeBlasio said “We plan to reopen New York city by the 1st of July fully; we are ready for bars, stores, indoor dining, and entertainment to restart and reopen, full strength.” He went on to say, ” People have gotten vaccinated in extraordinary numbers, 6.3 Million in the city alone.” The Mayor went on to say, ” We said a month ago that it would be the variants against the vaccine, what was going to win. The vaccine is winning in this one with millions already.” The Mayor emphasized that it will be the summer of New York City as it is expected that millions will flock to the city.

The reopening of the city would most likely come in conflict with the state’s coronavirus restrictions enacted by Governor Cuomo. The Mayor indicated that the city still has not notified the Governor’s office about their plan to reopen but will work on the state and federal levels to make it happen. DeBlasio said, ” I think the best way to proceed here is to set out the city’s vision, we will work with the city and state, but it’s time to set a goal and move on that goal.”

New York state has adopted the new CDC guidelines on mask-wearing in public, which advises fully vaccinated people that they don’t have to wear masks in public except if they are around strangers in a crowded setting. On Wednesday, Gov. Cuomo announced the state would lift the curfew on outdoor dining, and by the end of the month, the 12 am curfew on indoor dining will be lifted. Some see this move as a precursor to threats from the state legislature, which had intended to repeal the Governor’s executive orders for being excessive.

As 13% of NYC has been vaccinated, Deblasio says it’s a good beginning, but New Yorkers must finish the job and get vaccinated. He said in a statement, ” anyone who likes what I am saying, help us out by going out and getting vaccinated if they haven’t already.”


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