New SHOCKING Audio released of Trump’s Call to Georgia Officials after November Election…


New audio obtained by The Wall Street Journal shows then-President Trump talking to the lead investigator in last year’s Georgia mail-in ballot audit about finding irregularities during a December phone call.

The Journal reported Wednesday that Trump repeatedly stated during the six-minute phone call with chief investigator Frances Watson that he and not Biden had won the election in Georgia, saying, “Something bad happened.”



The first released phone call in Georgia on Jan 5th, 2021

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  1. The Election was rigged for Biden to win. And Georgia knows it and and the true American people know this is illegal. Trump won.

  2. Trump won and these people on the call are all either idots or cowards for not standing up for the people !! The cabal has the money to buy off even good men !!!!

  3. Trump is being honest and politely fighting the low level sheilds of the cabal ! That’s all these state reps and their lawyers are and its whom they are beholden to for they choose to take the money and the power over God and country ,they are weak pathetic sacks of nothing in my eyes and a lost soul in the eyes of God for treason against God and man is unforgivable in my thoughts and I’m pretty sure that God is of the same mind ! God bless truth , God bless all God men and may we change the rights of all others that their souls may be saved and their lives not lived invain !

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