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New Reports State Some Americans were infected with COVID in December 2019!…

The NIH – National Institute of Health – said Tuesday morning that testing samples from a study show a number of cases can be traced back to as early as Jan 7th, 2020.

As experts search for the origins of the Coronavirus. The NIH believes there is more evidence that the Coronavirus was already in the U.S. by the end of December.

Researchers have tested 24,079 blood samples gathered in all 50 states before the pandemic shut down, and social distancing was advised. The info suggests that SARS-CoV-2 antibodies were found in nine samples. The shocking part is that the infected persons did not live in hotspots like New York, California, or Seattle but instead came from Mississippi, Illinois, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

The Co-Author of the study – That is still ongoing – Sheri Scully said in a statement: “We haven’t followed up with these participants to know if they had traveled outside the U.S., or had contact with folks who traveled outside the U.S. But, it is important, for future pandemic planning, to know what is happening during periods of low prevalence in epidemics, such as this,”
She also stated that the study did not test samples dated before Jan 2nd, 2020, but this report does add further data to a study by the CDC indicating some Americans got infected in December 2019.


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  1. That is correct. The virus was deliberately released during the last week of October 2019 following a visit by George Soros. When the virus was released there were military exercises going on with soldiers from many nations present in Wuhan. The military exercises took place between mid October and November 18th. Canada was one of the nations present in Wuhan at this time. When the soldiers returned to their home countries on November 18th many of them had caught the virus carrying it back to their home countries. When the Canadian troops returned to Canada 1/3 had full blown symptoms of the disease caused by the virus while the rest were at different stages of incubation of the virus. When the troops arrived home they were given furlough and sent home into towns and cities across Canada. Any cross border traffic between the two countries could have carried the virus that first began at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill in 2014 back to it’s point of origin. Ask the DR. who created the virus. His name is Anthony Fauci.

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