New Illegal Immigration Policy Initiated at DHS

DHS has announced a New Policy that directs Agents to work directly with the DOJ…

for Prosecution of Illegal Aliens entering the country.

In the past few week Attorney general, Jeff Sessions has Implemented a ZERO Tolerance Approach to illegal immigration, in a recent speech in Arizona AG Sessions said that we will NOT be stampeded by Illegal Aliens trying to cross the border illegally.

DHS Secretary Krisjen Nielsen signed off on the Policy last Friday but the policy has some restriction

  • it does not apply to Aliens seeking entry by Asylum
  • If parents are arrested by ICE, their children will be turned over to HHS as Unaccompanied children.

Within the last few weeks, the number of Illegal Aliens crossing the border has spiked and over 50 people from the migrant caravan that reached the US-Mexico Border were allowed into the United States on Refugee status.

This is an issue that Congress has failed to upheld and they need to be voted out of office.

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