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New Chinese Ambassador Warns Biden not to Cross Red line or Face Dire Consequences…

The newly appointed Chinese Ambassador to the United States Qin Gang cautioned Biden and the United States not to cross China’s red lines, including the south China sea, Taiwan, and Xinjiang.

In a video conference call, the critical Ambassador spoke to American and Chinese global leaders, including Henry Kissinger, Ambassador to Beijing Stapleton Roy, and former Assistant secretary of state for Asian affairs Susan Thorton. The meeting called for caution to all those that believe that china will meet the same faith as the Soviet Union, saying that those that speak that evil show “serious ignorance of history and china.”

Qin noted that china sees an opportunity for substantive cooperation on issues including climate change and containing COVID 19 worldwide. He said he was committed to a ” more rational, stable and manageable china -U.S. relationship.

Most of the Chinese ambassadors’ speech was focused on china’s dissatisfaction with what Beijing perceives as U.S. politicians dedicated to “suppressing China” and warned politicians against painting China as a “rival and imaginary enemy.”

Qin finished by accusing Biden of leveraging ” state power to bring down Huawei” and warned democrats against the passage of the Eagles Act and the Innovation and competition Act of 2021 in congress. The Ambassador said it would ” Hijack China-U.S relations and gravely damage America’s own interests. (Meaning no more re-election money for RINOS and DEMOCRATS)

Qin Gang’s speech will fire up a debate between both sides of the aisle on going forward with China and its relationship with the United States, especially now that the Chinese have their lapdog in the White House.

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