Neil Gorsuch Becomes Rising Star at the Supreme Court

Justice Neil Gorsuch has come a long way from when he was nominated by the President and confirmed in 2017.

SUPREME JUSTICE GORSUCH: Justice Gorsuch has had so many achievements in the Supreme Court, the past two years, Gorsuch has authored 10 majority opinions where four were unanimous and five we a close call.

Gorsuch was nominated by President Trump and was sworn in by the President as well.

Watch Justice Gorsuch get sworn in by the POTUS.

CONCLUSION: Justice Neil Gorsuch has been impressing everyone around him for his hard work and success in the house, The White House says Gorsuch has fulfilled the promise of the President. Justice Neil Gorsuch is an independent man and justice but he is also a friendly man with charisma and humor. Justice Sotomayor and Gorsuch have became a friendship duo since he came into SCOTUS.

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