NAVY Fires Captain of Coronavirus Stricken Ship

US Navy FIRES captain of coronavirus stricken aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt for ‘extremely poor judgment’ after his letter to superiors begging for help was leaked.

  • Navy commanders insist NONE of the infected sailors need hospitalization
  • Acting US Navy Secretary Thomas Modly announced that Captain Brett Crozier is being relieved of his command of the USS Roosevelt on Thursday

  • It comes four days after Crozier penned a letter to Navy leaders calling for the immediate evacuation of the aircraft carrier 

  • Modly said that the decision to relieve Crozier was driven by the fact that he shared the letter with at least 20 people before it was leaked in the media 
  • The secretary insisted that he was not accusing Crozier of leaking it himself
  • However, US officials told Reuters that the Navy did believe he was responsible 
  • The USS Roosevelt was docked in Guam last week after 25 crew members tested positive for COVID-19 
  • At least 93 sailors on the nuclear aircraft carrier have since tested positive

  • The Navy is in the process of evacuating 2,700 sailors from the ship


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  1. Oh yeah, fired is the only option. That letter is cowardice hidden behind rules and regs. He writes of excuses that are far beyond his pay grade. About urgency, morality, questions if we are at war or not, considers sailors an asset too trusted to risk. He is so fired.

  2. China has been accused of covering up and shutting up several doctors who leaked the truth about the virus [ and rightly so]
    What is the difference between that and the Navy relieving the captain of his command?
    It is worth noting that 2700 hundred sailors have now been removed from the carrier who may not have been had the captain not sent his email.
    Seems to me the navy is doing exactly what the Chinese government did to its doctors and that smells of hypocrisy.

    1. If you don’t understand the difference between killing or jailing doctors versus firing a Navy Captain for going over his boss’s head, I can’t help you.

  3. The Chinese Communist Party has declared asymetric warefare against the US. What is so hard to understand that we are at WAR with China and Iran? It’s not tanks, bullets, planes and boats, its asymetric, Period! We have to defeat this war endeavor to save our nation! This is not trickery! This is the real deal! We simply have to be better at defence and we need an “instant kill” offense! When I was drafted, it was called “Quick Kill”! That’s what we need to do with the Asymetric BS from China and Iran – quick kill offense after a asymetric defense that is impenetrable


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