National Security Agency Chief confirmed by senate

The Senate has just confirmed the new head of the NSA and American Cyber Command…

with a voice vote, the Senate has confirmed  Lt. Gen. Paul Nakasone to lead the NSA and American Cyber Command after the agency had only an acting director.

Lt. Gen. Paul Nakasone in the past had led the Army Cyber Operations and now will have the task of leading the intelligence and cybersecurity of the United States.

Lt. Gen. Nakasone coasted through two sessions of Senate committee hearing and private meetings and enjoyed a wide bipartisan support unlike many other of President Trump’s picks.

Regarding the cyber threat that China and Russia posses, Nakasone said “Basically, I would say right now they do not think that much will happen to them,” he went on to say “They don’t fear us. It is not good, senator.”

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