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NARCO SUB Busted in Spain with Cargo Capacity to move Tons of Drugs long Distances…

Spanish Police bust a Narco Sub Building operation in Málaga, on southern Spain’s Costa del Sol. According to Police, the Sub was non Operational at the point of the bust, stating that it seemed that it just been built. The Narcosub can carry up to 2 metric tons (2.2 tons) of cargo. The bust results from a broader international drug operation involving five other countries and the European Union crime agency Europol.

The Sub is a 3-meters-wide (10-feet-wide) semisubmersible craft made of fiberglass and plywood panels attached to a structural frame; it says to have three portholes on one side and painted light blue. It has two 200-horsepower engines operated from the inside.
Spanish Police Head said in a statement, “It is like an iceberg,” regarding the vessel’s structure. “In practice, nearly all of it goes underwater apart from the top, which is the only part of it that would be seen from another ship or a helicopter.”
Authorities say these vessels lay low in the water to escape detection and have been spotted in the past in South America.

Rafael Perez, head of the Spanish Police, said the vessel had never sailed, but it seems that it was made to transport cocaine to a Mothership somewhere in International Waters.

The Narcosub bust is part of a more comprehensive police operation against an alleged international smuggling ring responsible for moving hundreds of kilos of cocaine, hashish, and marijuana in various places in Spain. Up to this point, 52 people have been arrested.

Spanish Police said that Police in Colombia, the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Portugal were also involved in the operation.

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