Mueller Wants To Testify To House To Set The Record Straight

Special Counsel Rob Mueller’s team have been discussing with the House Judiciary Committee about him testifying before Congress to set the record straight to Dems.

HOUSE JUDICIARY DEMS: The House Judiciary Committee Dems have turned their attention away from the Justice Department and instead began talking to Mueller’s team.

BEN SIEGEL: Siegel tweeted the breaking news along with other people who broke the news all at the same time.

AG BARR: The Attorney General of the United States volunteered to testify before Congress when he was asked but bailed at the last minute due to Congress passing motions to let staff on the committee a full hour to ask the Attorney General questions.

HOUSE JUDICIARY DEMS: The House has not responded to requests for comments.

CONCLUSION: Mueller is ready to set the record straight and let the House Judiciary Committee and the rest of America that no collusion was found and the AG Barr’s summary was an adequate summary of the report.

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