Mueller NABS his first victim

Federal Judge on Tuesday sentenced Mueller’s First Victim in his Investigation…

Dutch Lawyer Alex van der Zwaan was sentenced to 30 days in jail for lying to the FBI by Judge Amy Berman Jackson in Washington DC. The Dutch lawyer will also have to pay $200,000 and be on a 2-month Supervised leave after getting out of prison.

Van der Waan Pleaded guilty to lying to prosecutors about his knowledge regarding a meeting that is still speculation between Rick Gates and an Unidentified person.

Van der Waan was told by Gates that the Unidentified person was a former intelligence officer according to the Mueller Team.

Mueller’s team wants to use van der Zwaan should be used as an example of what happens when someone lies to the FBI.

“We count on people to tell us the truth,” said Andrew Weissman, a prosecutor on Mueller’s team, before the sentencing. “There are consequences for withholding documents and consequences for lying to the government.”

Van der Zwaan’s attorney asked that his client simply leave the court, pay a fine and serve no time. His wife — who is the daughter of a Russian oligarch — is sixth months pregnant, lives in London and “needs him now,”

Van Der Wan says that he will leave the United States once he is allowed to Travel.

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