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More Voters Want to See Trump Run in 2024 Than Biden!…

A new Poll taken by Politico and Morning consult states that Americans do not want to see another term of Joe Biden!

• Voters prefer to see Trump run a second time than to see Biden take a second term.

• Biden’s approval rating continues to free fall way below any President in recent history.

• The new poll found that 18% of voters surveyed from Dec. 11-13 showed that voters believe Biden should “definitely” run, and 16% believe that he should “probably” run.

• In regards to Trump, 25% of Voters said he should “definitely” run in 2024, accompanied by 14% of voters who think he should “probably” run again.

• When it comes to party lines – 35% of Democrat voters believe Biden should run again compared to 49% of Republicans who believe Trump should run.

• When it comes to Independent voters – 18% say Trump should run compared to only 8% say that Biden should run.

• The most surprising number is According to the poll, 56% of voters say Trump should not run in 2024, while 58% say Biden should not run.

• In the Poll, 62% of voters believe that Biden policies are to blame for the rise in Inflation.

• 42% say that Biden’s policies are very responsible for the rise in Inflation.

• When it comes to Democrat voters, the poll states that 40% think that Biden is partly responsible for the rise in Inflation.

• Biden has vowed to run for reelection, according to the White House.

• Trump still has not announced his plans to run again; many believe that he will announce it when he debuts his new social media, TRUTH social, in the spring of 2022.

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