Mockingbird Media CAUGHT on Video Trying to Manufacture Fake Panic

As many parts of the nation are on shut down and quarantined, the Fake News Mockingbird media is working overtime to panic the American people.

• At Friday Mornings Press Briefing a Reporter from NBC tried to claim that Trump wasn’t taking the pandemic serious enough as his main goal was to try to cause panic. 

• Here are some other examples of the Fake News Mocking bird media manufacturing the news instead of reporting it 


There are many many other examples of the Fake News manufacturing the news instead of reporting on it

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  1. Yes the media has been hyping up the story of the virus which will prove to be no deadlier than the flu we suffer through each year. The Corona virus was manufactured in the Communist party laboratory in Wuhan and released late October early November purposefully meant to stop the populist/nationalist movement growing around the world. The Democrats and a number of Republicans who are members of a secret society known as the Fabian society, established in 1868 by the Rothschild’s with the slogan wolves in sheep’s clothing. This group who has used false flags to generate panic, to promote wars, leading to the destruction of the life we now lead. Democrat President Franklin D. Roosevelt was a member of the Fabians who led the membership as they constructed the United Nations on the ashes and bodies of hundreds of millions who perished during the second world war. To further prove what I have revealed so far go the Glen Becks you tube page and look up his video Democrat Hydra released on November 14 2019. This tied the whole story together for we. It was the one missing piece. The U.N. and Franklin Society members are behind the Climate change crisis where over 200 arsonists set fire to Australia killing over a billion animals and claiming the lives of several men women and children. They are also pushing mass migration for the purpose of laying waste to the economies of the more successful nations leading us into bankruptcy. The Rothschild’s who are the world richest family with wealth estimated to be above 350 trillion is bankrolling this destruction . George Soros who is the controller of the Democrat party is a leading member of the Fabians and the reason why those on the left are pushing the open society, open borders agenda. There is so much more to be revealed. God bless us all.

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