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Military On High Alert as Biden Sends Thousand of Troops to Eastern Europe…

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has raised the military on “heightened preparedness to deploy” in case NATO activates its military over tensions with Russia.

• The decision has not been made to deploy the troops, but they are preparing them for deployment at a moment’s notice.

• NATO is on heightened alert if Russia invades Ukraine.

• The Pentagon says that Russia has not shown any signs of de-escalating and continues to amass troops on Ukraine’s borders.

• Pentagon press secretary John Kirby said Monday – This is really about reassuring the eastern flank of NATO, and it’s also about … proving how seriously the United States takes our commitment to NATO and the Article Five commitment inside NATO,”

• Kirby said no mission has been assigned, but the following groups have been put into alert – “additional brigade combat teams, logistics personnel, medical support, aviation support, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance.”

• In the last few weeks, NATO countries like the UK, Denmark, Spain, and the Netherlands have sent Ships fighter Jets to Eastern Europe to show force to Russia.

• NATO Response Force (NRF) comprises about 40,000 multi-national troops that can also be deployed on short notice.

• Alos NATO members, including the UK and US, have sent weaponry and military trainers to Ukraine as Russia gets closer.


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