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Mike Lindell Interviews President Trump, Asks Questions You Will Never See on National TV!…

Mike Lindell the creator of MYPILLOW interviewed former President Donald Trump in a historic Q and A session TV networks will never air!



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  1. I got a question: Knowing what he (trump) knew about the democrats. How dirty they play, how many of them are Marxists and commies, not to mention that they stole the election. Why the fuck did he step down and GIVE OUR COUNTRY to them!? The country is divided down the middle half of the citizens were on his side, and he Punked Out.

  2. What if George Washington gave up to the British because he was out numbered? Or how about if President Lincoln rolling over because the democrats wanted to keep their slaves? A true Nationalist will fight till the end for their country. Trump gave up as soon as the fight started.

  3. So encouraged that StoptjeSteal hasn’t been forgotten!
    I do believe God will avenge his servant!
    So much to be thankful for now this Thanksgiving!

  4. GOP and Conservatives are the Jedi of StarWars and heroes of the Alamo, who will save the country. Bad guys will face their destiny!

  5. Everybody wants “somebody” to do something. We are the “somebody” and we did nothing, are doing nothing and will never do something. Our government has been taken over and not a shot was fired exactly like Nitika Khrushchev said would be done in 1956.

  6. I think President Trump should be our President until the day he no longer a live. Best President ever. In my life time.

    1. Thank you Mike for all the time and money you give …..your selfless generosity for the betterment of us all…you are a special man….we are thankful to have you help lead us to what is undeniable the Right thing to do!!!!!

  7. I didn’t hear ANY really poignant questions. I’ve always been a big supporter of President Trump. I think Mike Lindell is great. But they mostly just talked about the negative things we all hate about what’s happening under this regime and about the 2020 election. I am glad President Trump is not talking about the 2022 or 2024 elections in the respect of running. The Republican party constantly sends emails about “send us money” to beat democrats in 2022. I won’t give a dime until we have voter id and paper ballots in all 50 states. I’m done with the circus/charade.

  8. President Trump is rite, will we have a country in 3 years since Biden is in the WH. Oh God please help us in the USA . This country needs a president like Mr Trump. I’m am so worried that Biden has put this country in HARMS WAY !!!!!!!

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