Mexico THREATENS to stop Helping US at the Border over Deployment of national Guard

The Mexican just passed something that has taken everyone by surprise…

The Mexican Senate just unanimously passed a resolution to seek an end to the cooperation with their American counterparts to curtail Illegal Immigration and help fight against cartels.

President of the Mexican Senate said: “Despite everything that is at stake in the relationship between our two countries, the way in which President Donald Trump has behaved is, for the Mexican people, unacceptable and intolerable,”

They also reiterated that they must force Trump to respect the Mexican people and “condemns the unfounded and offensive expressions about Mexico and Mexicans and the treatment that is needed for a relationship between neighboring countries, partners, and allies.” 

the lawmaker also said that Militarizing the border with Mexico is an insult and now it’s maybe the time to stop co-operation with the US at the border until Trump respects Mexico and acts with “Civility and Respect”

This all comes as Canada is said to be close to crafting a new NAFTA deal with US and Mexico, no one knows for sure what will happen from here.

President Donald Trump Praised Mexico for stopping the Caravan but renewed his commitment to being strong and smart at the Border.


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