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Mexican National Guardsman Kills Illegal Alien, wounds 4 others as Migrant Caravan Becomes Violent!…

5 Migrants were shot, leaving one dead and four wounded after failing to stop at Mexican National guard checkpoint.

• The shooting occurred in the Mexican state of Chiapas near Mexico’s southern border with Guatemala

• The migrants are believed to be part of a larger caravan of about 3 thousand illegal aliens making their way north through Mexico.

• The Mexican government had offered a significant portion of the caravan visas to stay in Mexico, but the Aliens refused them, stating they didn’t trust Mexican authorities.

• Mexican authorities said the following: “Elements of the National Guard attacked a group of foreigners with firearms, causing the death of a person of Cuban origin and injuring four more foreigners.”

• The national guard confirmed one death and four injured, stating that they were given multiple warnings but failed to adhere to pleads from the national guard.

• The incident was most likely triggered by three other vehicles trying to evade checkpoints around main roads leading the Mexican capital, triggering a search for the car the migrants were fleeing.

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  1. Obviously, all of these “migrants” aka illegals are in fact criminals. They think they can do whatever they want. Send them all back to their countries.

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