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McCarthy Vows to Probe Durham Findings When they Take Back the House…

Kevin McCarthy Says he is committed to getting to the bottom of John Durhams’ findings.

• John Durham is investigating the Trump-Russia probe to ensure “it never happens again.”

• In a statement to reporters, McCarthy said that Durham “already uncovered several troubling findings.”

• McCarthy made it clear that “Congress must exercise its oversight responsibilities as well.”

• The statement comes days after Durham dropped a bombshell that Hillary Clinton paid a tech company to mine information from servers at the White House and Trump tower in an attempt to link the President with a Russian bank.

• McCarthy Added, “Special Counsel John Durham’s continued investigation into the Russia hoax is essential to getting to the truth and protecting our democracy,”

• Trump said in a press release that Durhams’ new findings are bigger than watergate.

• It is unknown if McCarthy would hold private or public hearings on the Durham investigation if they regained control of Congress.

• McCarthy finished off by saying, “Democrats and legacy media may want to sweep this alarming report under the rug, but if House Republicans earn the majority, we will use our oversight tools to determine whether federal funds were used, whether federal office-holders abused their power, and investigate other disturbing elements of this spying scheme to ensure nothing like it ever happens again,”


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