Mattis SLAMS Putin says He is Responsible for all Actions

Defense Secretary James Mattis called the poisoning of spy…

“attempted murder,” saying Putin should be “responsible as the head of state.”

Mattis said the “pretty obvious” Russian use of a chemical agent was deployed “for the first time in Europe since World War II.”

because of this incident, The United States and our Allies have expelled Russian officials in Seattle Washington and Around the world.

State Department Spokeswoman Heather Nauert gave an update of American Allies that have Expelled Russian officials from their country


Mattis finished by saying that Russia “has the potential to be a partner with Europe,” but instead has “chosen to seek a different relationship with the NATO nations.”

“They’re doing things that they believe are deniable,” Mattis went on to say

“They take the insignia off soldiers’ uniforms and they go into Crimea. … They point out that they can’t be proven that they tried to kill the person in Salisbury. … They’re trying to break the unity of the Western alliance, NATO.”

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