Mattis Shoots down Fake News Peddled by MSM

Defense Secretary Mattis said Friday that “no policy changes” were made at President Trump’s summit last week with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Mattis told reporters that he spoke to White House chief of staff John Kelly and national security adviser John Bolton “immediately after” Trump’s closed-door meeting with Putin in Helsinki, Finland,

Lawmakers have urged the White House to reveal what was discussed during the more than two-hour meeting between Trump and Putin but many in the cabinet said it was a Private meeting and the content will not be disclosed.

Mattis told reporters Friday that he is considering meeting with Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu.

Mattis also said “there are actions underway” by the U.S. “to protect our elections or to expose any external any, by anybody, external efforts to influence the American public,

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  1. What about the INTERNAL efforts to influence the American public. I read that the FBI collaborates with SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center), knowing that the SPLC had Dr. Ben Carson on an “extremist” list for 4 months until they were influenced by public backlash. The internal foe is always worse than the external foe.

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