Matt Gaetz Plans to File Ethics Probe against Pelosi

Florida Representative Matt Gaetz plan to file an ethics probe against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for ripping up President Trump’s State of the Union Address in front of the world, The lawmakers says is a Violation.

  • Rep. Matt Gaetz asked the House Ethics Committee chaired by a Democrat to open a probe into House Speaker Nancy Pelosi 
  • Gaetz, claims that Pelosi broke the law when she ripped up President Trump’s State of the Union speech on the House floor. 

Rep. Matt Gaetz had this to say on the Matter on Fox News

Nancy Pelosi spoke to the Press about why she ripped up the Speech


This is the Letter that Rep. Gaetz sent to the Democrat in charge of the House ethics committee:

Let us know in the comments below did Nancy Pelosi break the law by ripping the President’s speech?

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  1. She ripped up the hearts of the American people when she did that act of rebellion! It was a wonderful an moving speech of all the accomplishments done by the President an his administration with no help from the demonRats. all they do is waste time of the American people and there money! It’s a shame that they mummer and dispute about the wonderful acts and acknowledgements that this sitting President has shown towards people in need people who are citizens!

  2. Definitely she is above the law and disrespectful. Misbehaving and very immature for a house speaker. Disrespectful to President. A woman with no ethics, principles and professionals. She should be sacked.

  3. At the moment of her death, there will be a special demon that will drag her soul kicking, screaming, crying straight into the gates of hell.
    No passing go, no 200 bucks, only straight to hell for all of eternity.
    Enjoy it nasty, you will have earned it.

  4. Arrest psycho Pelosi She broke the law. Enough is enough. Pelosi is a National DISGRACE

  5. Nancy was very disrespect to our President and to this nation and all those family who came, Tuesday night with different painful experience in life and the family reunion. She really is a disgrace to this country and her position in the house. She should be removed.

  6. Yes she most certainly did just that it was disgraceful by all means she should’ve put out of office
    The sooner the better what a sick woman yes she is the world hates you Nancy pelosi are a gutless womanin my book80 trails showing herself like I feel sorry for you nancy to act like this I am 84yrs I am embarrassed

  7. Nancy is a disgrace. Consumed with bitterness, livid rage, and blind hatred. Resign now and go home.

  8. Nancy Peloshi needs to go to jail and be striped of all rights and privileges. She does not deserve to be in the same company as the president. Mr. Trump is the best president ever to be elected in this Country, but aside from that, peloshi and the Damorats have Dishonored America and the whole world.

  9. This woman is sick and should be removed from her office. Never in my life time have I seen the democrats stoop this low. SICKIN These are the people that are making law’s . This can’t be real.

  10. I think it was disgraceful, she is very bad example for families wanting their children to view the address by the president. I’m sure it insulted the special guests that were there like the little girl that got the scholarship, and the Tuscany airman etc.

  11. Who can blame Pelosi? She had to seat quite and listen for 1.5 hours about all trump accomplishment in front of millions viewers. Reaping the speech papers is the minimum she could have done. Really Pelosi? we expected much more from you, like knocking on Trump head .

  12. Finally! She needs to be accountable for her actions. They are attempting to remove POTUS from office to protect themselves from prosecution and prevent the public from discovering the truth. Pure and simple!!!
    What will they think next to distract POTUS from the declassification. … Oh yes, the virus is still going on…

    But I got to say, I think Pelosi and the democrats did a GREAT JOB attracting the attention of how disrespectful they are and how much they REALLY DO NOT CARE FOR AMERICA’s progress and for Americans. I think, it WAS a marker for some democrats that were on the fence and put others on the fence. What a show!! And yes, we still saw what a remarkable speech it was. Even more, compared with their ridiculous, vengeful, disgraceful behavior of the democrats.

  13. When Pelosi tore up that document of the speech it was as if she kicked me in the gut. I would have paid anything for that copy of the speech and Pelosi Is just destroying it in front of the whole world, how sick and petty. History will remember what the lying scumbag backstabbing Democrats have done on this great day.

  14. NANCY PELOSI es beneath the house , so disgraceful , horrible , her leadership days are over . She has all but ruined her party and doesnt care about working with our President and has wasted so damn much money on an habitual liar named Adam Schiff !

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