MASSIVE Trump Rally Live from Grand Rapids Michigan

The President will be visiting Grand Rapids Michigan today for his first rally for the 2020 election introducing his new campaign.

THE PRESIDENT: The President is expected to secure the same states that voted for him in the last election to vote for him in this new election.

MICHIGAN: Michigan is expected to be a key state to the 2020 election but that state voted in Democrats to several important offices in the midterm elections.

His campaign rally is expected to have 10,000 people attend and he is starting at 7 p.m.

THE PRESIDENT: Trump tweeted today that he plans to talk about “many exciting things happening to our country” and the auto industries.


CONCLUSION: The President is gearing up for his first campaign rally since 2016 and is very excited to share his new agenda with supporters and ready to win support from those he does not have from yet.

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