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Mark Meadows Stops Cooperating with Jan. 6th Committee threatens to Sue Pelosi!…

Trump’s former White House Chief of staff Mark Meadows announced he would not cooperate with Pelosi’s January 6th Commission, and Now he is Planning to sue all 9 of the committee members.

• Meadows is now being held in contempt of Congress for refusing to cooperate with Nancy Pelosi’s investigation.

• Meadows agreed to cooperate with the committee earlier in the month but since has backed out and is now planning to sue the committee instead.

• Democrats believe that Mark Meadows has information on Trump’s role in the Jan. 6 riots at the capitol.

• The lawsuit asks the courts to retract two subpoenas, one to meadows and another to Verizon, Meadow’s personal cell phone carrier.

• Democrats claim that Meadow’s lawsuit is an attempt to impede the Democrats witch hunt investigation

• Democrats vow that Meadow’s action leaves Congress no choice but to move forward with contempt

• According to filthy RINO Liz Chaney, the committee has received many “interesting” “non-privileged” documents from Mr. Meadows

• Filthy RINO Cheney said in a statement: The key thing to understand is, having produced these fascinating, non-privileged documents that are directly relevant to what President Trump should’ve been doing on Jan. 6, texts and emails from his private cellphone, his email account, he is now refusing to testify.”

• Meadows is the third Trump Ally to face contempt charges from the committee. The other two are Steve Bannon and former DOJ official Jefferery Clarke

• Trump has also sued Pelosi’s January 6th committee after Biden denied his executive privilege claim of his White House records.

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